ecoLearn® LMS

Welcome to ecoLearn™, a right-sized Learning Management System (LMS) that offers a full suite of out-of-the-box functionality as well as customizations to help your organization meet training and compliance goals.

Streamlined Learning & Efficient Management

ecoLearn™ lets you customize learning so it works for your organization. That means only the functionality you need – with the flexibility to grow. You pay no ongoing licensing fees. Instead, ecoLearn will pay you dividends as training gets easier to manage, and organizational performance improves. ecoLearn is part of a comprehensive learning solution from d’Vinci. Sized to fit the needs of your organization and its learners, ecoLearn delivers learning management your way.

Learning management systems don’t have to be complicated for the learner. ecoLearn’s intuitive interface lets learners access training quickly. The web-based framework makes it easy to build custom sites to train outside stakeholders, such as customers, dealers and suppliers.

ecoLearn’s technology makes learning management easy:

  • Set permissions and security the way you want
  • Update content, modify settings and generate reports
  • Customize to meet the needs of learners
  • Configure to suit your workflow
  • Design to match your brand

ecoLearn simplifies training management. Adding or updating content is a snap. Custom reports tell you exactly what’s going on: who’s taking courses, test results, certifications and more. ecoLearn can even deliver surveys and quizzes in a blended learning environment.

Featured Work: Training a Workforce at Sea

To better train employees who work at sea, APL Maritime, Ltd. uses the ecoLearn Learning Management System (LMS) on board all the ships in the company's fleet. The LMS houses training modules and tracking data for APL's container ship crews. It enables the shipping leader to track compliance, make unique modifications to learners' course permissions, add new courses, generate reports and issue certificates. The LMS solution includes a ship-based version of ecoLearn that syncs with a land-based version via satellite Internet connection.

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Featured Work: Improving Learning Management for Police

Over 17,000 law enforcement officers and criminal justice professionals access hundreds of hours of online training through the Pennsylvania Virtual Training Network (PAVTN) each year. This includes mandatory credit hour courses as well as electives to enrich professionalism and community protection.

PAVTN administrators use ecoLearn to facilitate learning by managing registration, modifying website content, emailing learners, and running reports. Custom rules, such as prerequisites and enrollment, aid in directing learning. Learners can easily see available training, access their profiles, and print their own transcripts and certificates.

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