Flash to HTML5 Conversion

Reclaim your organization’s eLearning investment by using modern tools to convert your content to work on multiple devices and platforms. d’Vinci will convert your existing Flash content to HTML5 and extend the life of your training by making it accessible to your learners now and in the future.


Our Strategies

Using d’Vinci’s course inventory tool, we’ll work with you to prioritize and classify all of your existing courses to determine which conversion strategy is right for you.


This strategy is used to upgrade courses developed in older versions of an authoring tool to a newer version of the same tool. The newer versions will be compatible across multiple devices and browsers.


The repurpose strategy involves taking usable content, media, and assets that were originally created for Flash and repurposing them in a newer version of an authoring tool.


This reimagine strategy is used when you need to start over – you don’t have the source files or content is obsolete or you want to take advantage of the bells and whistles the more modern tools can provide. Use this opportunity to create memorable learning experiences that are learner-centric, relevant, accessible, and immediately applicable.


Based on the quantity, content treatment (course type and multimedia levels), and conversion strategy, d’Vinci will provide you with a budget and timeline tailored to your unique needs.

Don’t let your valuable content become obsolete! To get started, contact d’Vinci today at newbiz@dvinci.com or by calling 1.301.797.2386.

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