APL Maritime, Ltd. and d’Vinci Educate Students about the Environment

Turtle Travels Marks Second Game on

For the second year in a row, shipping leader APL Maritime, Ltd. collaborated with eLearning company d’Vinci Interactive and nearby high school science students to create a short, online game to show kids how their actions can affect sea animals.

Turtle Travels is an interactive learning experience that teaches elementary school students about the dangers that sea turtles face from humans. Through three mini-games, students see how humans can impact sea turtles and marine life. In the game, students play the role of turtles and experience the challenges of trying to tell the difference between a jellyfish and a plastic bag, trying not to get tangled in fishing nets and avoiding trash in the ocean.

Fourth grade students at Poolesville Elementary were the first to play the game when it debuted this month.Turtle Travels is a joint project between Poolesville High School in Montgomery County Maryland, APL Maritime, Ltd. of Bethesda, Maryland and d'Vinci Interactive of Hagerstown, Maryland. Seniors with Poolesville High School’s nationally-recognized magnet program, the Global Ecology House, created the project's concept and story. d’Vinci designed and developed this project in collaboration with the students and APL Maritime, the sponsor of the educational content.

“APL Maritime, Ltd. is committed to protecting our environment and knows how important it is to educate future generations. As operators of large cargo ships all over the world, we want to preserve the environment from which we make our living,” said Captain Christian Volkle, APL Maritime, Ltd.

Turtle Travels is available on along with last year’s educational game, The Dolphin Game.