d’Vinci Launches New HIV/AIDS Education for POZ

d’Vinci Interactive has released four interactive eLearning courses and assessment tools as part of a National Library of Medicine (NLM) grant-funded project. The eLearning modules and assessments were created in partnership with POZ, an award-winning print and online information source for people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS, and the NLM HIV/AIDS Community Information Outreach Program.

Through scenario-based learning, learners in the first course determine if they were personally exposed, if they have the virus, and what they should do. The eLearning module explores different encounters that may or may not transmit HIV and what steps should be taken. At the end of the activity, learners can take a confidential survey to further identify personal risk and plan next steps, if needed. The course also includes links to additional information for those who think they are at risk.

The online learning and assessment materials are based on the popular POZ Basics materials and help individuals impacted by HIV/AIDS. The three other modules cover testing and prevention, being newly diagnosed and aging with HIV.

The courses are being distributed by POZ and the National Library of Medicine. d’Vinci will analyze usage of the eLearning course and assessments with the NLM.

HIV Transmission and Risks

HIV Testing Basics

Newly Diagnosed HIV Testing

Aging with HIV

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