Protecting Human Research Participants Online Training

Protecting Human Research Participants (PHRP) Online Training provides affordable, accessible and easy-to-use training to ensure ethical, safe, and compliant practices whenever research is being conducted with human participants. PHRP includes up-to-date content, case studies and interactive exercises and quizzes to help learners build a solid foundation of knowledge about the revised human subjects regulations and associated policies.


ecoLearn® Learning Management System (LMS)

Built on a .NET content management system, ecoLearn® allows you to add and remove courses and page content, manage prerequisites, track results, issue certificates, send email communications and confirmations, set permissions and security, and generate reports. Each ecoLearn® installation is designed specifically for the organization and its requirements, with customized branding and optimized User Experience (UX). The LMS can track a variety of learning content including eLearning courses, scheduled Instructor-led Training, and video courses. ecoLearn’s member management, reporting, and analytics provide administrators critical data that drives results. Sized to fit the needs of your organization and learners, and designed for flexibility to grow, ecoLearn® delivers learning management your way.