APL Maritime, Ltd. Navigates the Challenges of Reaching Learners at Sea
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By Luke Kempski, CEO August 27, 2015

Video interview with APL Maritime’s Manager of Regulatory Compliance, Training and Incident Response, Captain Christian Volkle

APL Maritime operates a fleet of US flagged ocean cargo carriers that go all over the world. Each ship is operated by crew members with various skills and jobs that are essential to successfully moving massive amounts of cargo across the world’s oceans. Beyond knowing how to perform their job, each crew member needs ongoing training to ensure regulatory compliance, safety and security. As the manager of these areas, Captain Christian Volkle (Chris) is responsible for delivering training to APL’s diverse and on-the-move crews.

While at sea, each ship functions as a self-contained community with each crew member needing to be prepared for multiple contingencies. Chris’s role is to provide training and other resources to prevent incidents while also preparing crew members to respond to them.

While all training leaders need to prioritize where to invest their efforts, Chris has some unique challenges. His learners change frequently, are constantly on the move and are not easily connected to the technology we take for granted. He also has a myriad of wide ranging subjects that need to be taught to the crews.

Chris has helped lead APL to overcome many of the barriers to delivering and tracking training that occurs when the cargo carrier is at sea. Working with their learning solutions partner, d’Vinci Interactive, APL Maritime devised a unique solution that includes a completely functioning LMS, on each ship that syncs with the primary cloud-based LMS when the ship is docked. This ecoLearn™ solution enables efficient distribution of eLearning courses that can be completed by the crew while at sea and recorded in the LMS.

Through innovative approaches, APL Maritime is navigating the challenges of delivering training to cargo crews all over the world. These innovative, technology-based training approaches are being shared and adopted by other companies in the cargo shipping industry.

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