Blended Virtual Training Takes Leadership Development to New Level
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By Luke Kempski, CEO January 05, 2015

Video Interview with CorpU’s Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

As part of our video blog series, I recently had the opportunity to speak with Ed Skonecki, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at CorpU. CorpU is pioneering a new approach to leadership development that uses technology to blend content from leading academic and executive experts with custom scenarios and social collaboration to create a comprehensive and effective learning experience.

CorpU seeks to go beyond developing individual leaders to improving an organization. This is accomplished by engaging a group of 30-50 leaders on a leadership topic for a five week period. Through use of the virtual platform, the group or “cohort” can be located all over the world but focused on similar challenges. By going through the training together and working on relevant problems, the organization is developing leaders, connecting them into valuable relationships and solving problems at the same time.

Research shows that learning in smaller doses over a longer period of time leads to better retention than the multi-day workshop approach. The CorpU model engages leaders for around 30 minutes a day multiple days a week. In between, the leaders are busy applying what they are learning and reflecting on their experiences on the job.

High quality video is key to CorpU’s platform and a leader’s learning experience. It is used to present key concepts from experts from Harvard, Wharton, the University of Michigan and others. Video is also used to set up scenarios, present case studies and showcase best practices.

By blending on demand content with collaboration and social learning on a virtual platform that is collecting actionable data, CorpU is pioneering the next generation of eLearning. Beyond training, the platform is being used to help solve specific major challenges as showcased in a case study from CorpU. The case study highlight Aetna’s use of the platform to help transform the company in the new healthcare environment.

This video is part of a series of interviews we plan to do with learning and development leaders in the months to come. We welcome any suggestions you have to make them more valuable.

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