IBM Uses Training to Make the World Smarter
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By Luke Kempski, CEO July 08, 2015

Video interview with IBM Senior Program Manager, Global Skills Initiative

Technology companies often lead the way when it comes to training. At IBM, you see in practice what many organizations describe as the future. At the conference, I had the opportunity to speak with Meg Petersen, an IBM senior program manager with the Global Skills Initiative. Meg connects this initiative with IBM’s business strategy.

Under the Global Skills Initiative, IBM delivers training courses and content throughout the world. They view this training as an investment to build the knowledge and skills of IBM employees, partners and clients. IBM knows that to “make the world smarter” with IBM software and systems requires a talented community of solution architects, technologists and developers who know how to use IBM products. Meg explains how distributing engaging content and learning experiences benefits both IBM and its clients.

To execute the Global Skills Initiative, IBM has partnered with five global training providers. Two of these providers are training focused companies with a global reach, Global Knowledge and LearnQuest. The other three are IBM value added resellers (VARs), Arrow ECS, Avnet and Ingram Micro. The VARs provide the training along with the IBM solutions. By taking this partner led approach, IBM training has become accessible in more countries, available in more formats and better mapped to clients’ business goals.

IBM is consistently recognized for the quality and variety of content it publishes. To build on this leadership, Meg Petersen participates in developing IBM’s enterprise content management strategy. This ambitious strategy seeks to develop standards and processes to make training and content development more consistent and efficient across IBM domains.

IBM solutions are architected, developed and implemented all over the globe in every key industry sector. With its Global Skills Initiative, IBM will put its technologies into the hands of knowledgeable people who can use them to solve problems and create a better future.

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