Improving Sales Performance with Training
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By Luke Kempski, CEO February 23, 2021

At Capital Blue Cross, a leading health insurance provider in Pennsylvania, sales training is much like sales – fast-paced and relevant. In this episode of Powered by Learning, Capital Blue Cross Senior Talent Management Consultant Ryan Sweeney shares his organization’s secrets for successful sales training.

Show Notes:

There are many important factors to consider when developing impactful sales training. Capital Blue Cross Senior Talent Management Consultant Ryan Sweeney shared these and other best practices.

  • Make sure to bring your focus on member service, member wellness and the company’s brand into all sales training so that they make it a part of how they talk to customers and build relationships.
  • When creating sales training, make it accessible and short. Be certain to make the training immediately applicable, too.
  • Take some of the ways in which we have pivoted with training during the pandemic and carry best practices into non-pandemic times. Learning how to build relationships through virtual presentations is critical for sales people.
  • Consider setting up a sales council or group that allows other departments to interact with sales team members to share learning and build cohesive teams.

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