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A comprehensive learning solution that allows officers to keep their knowledge and skills current, without having to spend time traveling.

We partnered with PCPA in 2012 to plan, design and develop the Pennsylvania Virtual Training Network (, which provides over 25,000 officers access to the essential training needed to perform their duties in a complex, ever-changing environment. Over the years, we have worked closely with PCPA providing technology consulting, instructional design, eLearning course development and a learning management solution. PAVTN includes dozens of eLearning courses designed and developed by our team, including award-winning courses on post-traumatic stress disorder and human trafficking. With a growing number of courses and hundreds of thousands of hours of training delivered, PAVTN continues to evolve - adding new courses and features to enhance the learning experience. To improve the learning management, police administrators use our ecoLearn™ LMS to access up-to-date training records, manage registrations, modify website content, send email notifications and produce reports. In addition, curriculum can require successful completion of pre-requisite modules before accessing exams and more advanced courses. Officers use ecoLearn to manage their user profiles, view their transcripts, and print certificates.


Substance Abuse Prevention Training for First Responders

Guiding First Responders to Get Help

First responders in Pennsylvania have a powerful way to learn about substance abuse prevention, education and outreach. Using content from classroom training provided by the First Responders Addiction Treatment Program (FRAT) through Livengrin, the eLearning experience includes reflective response questions, straight forward language, and thought-provoking interactions. Thousands of first responders have completed the eLearning course helping prevent substance abuse in multiple organizations.

Human Trafficking

Making Law Enforcement Aware about Human Trafficking

PACPA wanted an online course to educate police officers about human trafficking. We designed a course that increases awareness by exploring the types of human trafficking, indicators of victims and traffickers, steps for assessing the crime scene and tactics for communicating with the victim. The course features a pretest to assess knowledge and an interactive exercise to explain the myths and misperceptions.

Responding to Veterans in Crisis

Helping Officers Understand Challenged Vets

Veterans provide firsthand accounts of their experiences to offer police officers insights and suggestions when intervening with veterans in crisis. Each module features poignant video interviews with a combat veteran and a police chief who is also a veteran. The course provides tactical training to aid the officers in deescalating crisis situations, specifically those involving a veteran.


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